Hot Shop Glass

As musical artists, we appreciated the incredible discipline and experience it takes to mold molten glass into an array of vibrant colors. A huge thank you to the folks at Hot Shop Glass for allowing us to connect with a small business in southeastern Wisconsin that is exploring their own passion for art and bringing us a deeper sense of community.

Goodrich Elementary School

We enjoyed sharing our love of art with 3rd-5th graders as we celebrated our fall concert theme of “The Great Cathedrals” by creating artwork with them. A joint MSM and CBRE donation drive provided art supplies that will allow the students to venture into bigger and more imaginative projects. We were truly moved by the enthusiasm and creativity of the students.

St Paul’s Episcopal Church

Part of our 2019 Season, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church was founded in 1838, before Milwaukee was incorporated as a city, Wisconsin became a state, and the Diocese of Milwaukee existed. The church is home to the largest collection of Tiffany windows in the state of Wisconsin including the largest window ever created by the Tiffany Studio.