On Thursday, October 3, 2019, members of the Master Singers of Milwaukee and CBRE teamed up to work with the students of Goodrich Elementary. Across 5 grades and 3 classes they participated in art projects encompassing the theme of The Great Cathedrals. In a collaborative effort to bring attention to the beautiful art program at Goodrich Elementary, the MSM and CBRE ran a donation drive for art supplies that would go beyond basic supplies and allow the students to venture into bigger and more imaginative projects. The generous contributions of time, resources, and supplies were felt in the smiles and exuberance of the students who took part in this powerful experience.

The MSM would like to thank Principal Sharonda Harris for hosting us at her school as well as Mrs. Neault (Grades 1&2), Mrs. Burns (3rd Grade), and Mr. Steger (Grades 4&5) for allowing us to work with their exceptional students. We would also like to extend a special thank you to Mrs. Posy Knight, art teacher at Goodrich Elementary, for imagining the potential in a cooperative effort like this and embracing our involvement. Finally, we would like to thank the students of Goodrich Elementary whose energy, enthusiasm, and open hearts truly moved us and made this such a special and moving experience for the volunteers.

We hope that in some small way this inspires you to connect with the wonderful art here in Milwaukee and consider supporting the arts in our schools and our community. For more information on how you can support programs like the MSM and Goodrich Elementary, email, and we will connect you to the schools and programs near you.

Members of the MSM had the opportunity to connect with local business Hot Shop Glass and explore firsthand what goes into the craft of glass blowing. Seeing the incredible discipline and experience it takes to mold molten glass into an array of vibrant colors and art gave us a deeper appreciation for the effort it took to create the magnificent stained glass works of art found in the great cathedrals we are paying homage to in our October concert, The Great Cathedrals.

A huge thank you to the folks at Hot Shop Glass for allowing us to connect with a small business in southeastern Wisconsin that is exploring their own passion for art and bringing us a deeper sense of community.

Join the MSM for The Great Cathedrals as we celebrate the enduring artistic inspiration these marvels of construction have given us.

Jubilate Deo by Benjamin Britten was written in 1961 for St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle at the request of the Duke of Edinburgh. A high-medieval Gothic-style chapel, St. George’s is a “Royal Peculiar” meaning the church is under the direct jurisdiction of the monarch. Nestled in the lower ward of the castle, the chapel seats 800 and has been the location of many royal ceremonies, weddings, and burials. Join us as we perform Benjamin Britten’s Jubilate Deo and pay tribute to The Great Cathedrals.

Thank you to everyone who came out for The Great Cathedrals concert in October. Check out this great review in the Shepherd Express.